10 important questions should be asked while hunting an apartment

Like getting into a new relationship, looking for an appropriate apartment is not an easy task especially if you are living in Atlanta. You cannot get the first apartment that you like immediately, right? You will probably spend some more time in searching for more better options by keeping in mind you needs, requirements, goals and interests.
This article contains 10 most important questions that one should ask while visiting an apartment.

1. What Are Terms and Conditions of Lease?

It is ideal that you must know the time duration of lease and when it will begin and end. If you are unaware, ask the authoritative person about the duration of lease and the date and when you have to move into the new apartment?

2. What’s the Pet Policy?

If you have a pet or you are thinking to adopt in coming days then you must be aware about the rent policy of the apartment. Do not hide your dog or cat? If there is any sort of deposit fees for keeping pets in an apartment the how much is that? Pet policy varies from areas to areas.

3. How About the Guest Policy?

The lease will probably include the guest policy but if not then you must know about it. For example, in some places, it is not allowed to keep guests for more than a week or two.

4. Do You Need Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is important thing that should be considered while hunting for an apartment. Renters insurance offers coverage for your property in case of flood, fire, theft or other circumstances like these.

5. What is Included in Apartment Rent?

Apartment rent is the expense you have to pay while living in an apartment, but there are many property dealers and managers that include some amenities and utilities in the rent cost. Mostly gas, water, cooling, heat are included in monthly rent. However in some cheap rental apartments, you are asked to pay for the internet, utilities, cable or other things. So it is better to get an idea before making any decision.

6. How Secure the Property Is?

Ask about the security features and facilities in the apartment to the property manager like buzzer system, doorman or anything else.

7. Does the Rent Cost Go Up?

Upon the renewal of lease, usually the rent cost increases to some extent. This issue is sometimes not mentioned in the lease so before signing the lease, it s better to ask about the increment in rent cost. If you are searching for an apartment to live there for long time duration then increase in rent amount will be expensive on your budget later on.

10. What Is Parking Situation?

If you have your own car then parking should be on the top high in your priority list. Apartments with street parking are expensive as well as difficult to find so it is better to search for an apartment with a garage or a parking lot.