Getting an Apartment on Rent in Atlanta can be a Dream or a Nightmare

Usually, apartments is the first home of a couple after getting married. The rent cost of apartments based in Atlanta varies from area to area like in center of New York City; the rent cost of apartment will be at the peak. Only few people can actually afford the rent. For longer time duration. Rent cost depends on the size of apartment as well.

The smallest size of apartment is studio apartment. It has only one room, one kitchen and a bathroom. It is usually considered that studio apartment will have less rent cost but that is not the fact. These also have high rent prices. It may cost from $1000 in a New York City per month. However, you can also get a studio apartment of $500 in other cities.

The apartment with three to four bedrooms is known as basic apartments. An apartment with three rooms has living room, one bed rooms and a dining area. On the other hand, an apartment with four rooms has a dining area, two bedrooms and a living room. In case of a need, the dining area is usually converted into a bedroom. However, dining area doesn’t have door to make it a separate room. Many families fix a sliding door in order to ensure their privacy.
Basement is the largest area of any apartment complex. There are very rare apartments that have a separate apartment. If there is a basement then it will be in use of the people of entire complex mainly for parking.

The gas bills and utility bills are included in rent cost of the apartments but in most cases, you have to pay for gas, electricity and other utility bills on your own. There is also a security cost while you are getting an apartment on rent. Some of the owners ask you to give a security of one month while some owners will ask you for security fees of two months. When your lease is expired, this amount of security fees will be returned back. Never break the lease before getting the amount of security cost.

Renting an apartment means that you have got an apartment to live but keep in mind that it’s not your property. You have to live according to the rules mentioned in the lease documents. In most of the apartments, pets are not allowed and in some apartments, making noise or playing loud music is not allowed after certain time of the day otherwise neighbors will start complaining about you. The terms and condition depends upon the nature of the owner of that apartment and how much he cares for and owns the apartment? If the owner is really highly concerned then probably he will cut some of the amount from your security deposit in case of small damages. It is your duty to take utmost care of the apartment. To get an apartment is an area for some people but for some, it can be nightmare because of the strict terms and conditions.